The Lobes of the Brain

The Lobes of the Brain

Friday, March 5, 2010

The 5 Parts of You Brain

1. Cerebum: This is the biggest part in your brain, and it is 85% of your brain's weight. This is the part of your body that thinks and moves your voluntary muscles (arms, legs). The cerebum has to sides (right: creative, left: logic).

2. Cerebellum: This is at the back of your brain and right below your cerebum. The cerebellum is only 1/8 the size of the cerebum. This part of your brain contrls balance.

3. Brain Stem: This is in front of the cerebellum and below the cerebum. The brain stem is in charge of involentary muscels and other things your body needs to survive.

4. Pituitary Gland: This is only about the size of a pea. The job of the pituitary gland is to make and give out hormones. This controls your amount of sugars and water in the body. This also plays a part in keeping you metabolism going.

5. Hypothalamus: This works as you brain's thermostat. This knows how warm your body should be. If your body is warm it says "sweat" if your body is cold it says "shiver". Both of these get your temerature back to normal.

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